2019 Posters

2019 Posters

Lola Charles - Evaluating the survival of children and young adults with Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma at Johns Hopkins

Meghan Deyesu Yarrington - Effects of load carriage on natural ankle quasi-stiffness

Alina Dhruva - The effect of IL-1 signaling on neuroinflammation in mice exposed to soman

Sophia Dow - Development of high fidelity characterization methods to study UHMWPE Spectra fibers

Brianna Farrar - Reliability of an onsite concussion evaluation tool

David Peter Fountain - Constructing a power model for mission based modular designed quadcopters

Mohammad Ghaemi - Detection of ransomware through behavioral analysis

Brennan Gray - Developing B4C and SiC slurries for direct ink writing on a modified 3D printer

Kaitlyn Hall - The effect of organophosphate-induced seizures on the role of microglial phenotypes in wild-type mice

Mckenzie Hall - In silico to in vitro: Identification of an ERS-containing protein and its response to ER calcium depletion

Aliya Hilmi - Designing and testing a prototype respirator to accommodate individuals wearing articles of faith

Edward Honadel - Calculating a fighter pilot's safe weapon system release altitude using Python

Mazin Karjikar - Discovering genetic variance in ancient Polish sheep from three bronze age sites gives insight into human trading routes in ancient times

Jacob Keeler - Using precision airdrop to shrink CEP 50 and CEP 90 zones

Alec Kolodziejczyk - Investigation of the effects of manipulated pH and solvent on the kinetics of APTES deposition on silicon wafers

Jenna Kraemer - Contamination of polyvinyl chloride acetate-based credit cards using Bacillus atrophaeus var. globigii

Caroline Kragh - Effect of inhaled opioids on the heart and lungs of ferrets

Maiya Krichton - Effects of oximes on acetylcholine-evoked currents in nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

Matthew Krueger - Determining the feasibility of using recyclable materials to create 3D printing filaments

Roxie Landbeck - Developing a Morse code communication application

Thomas Maddox - Developing an indoor gunshot detection device

Taylor Miller - Relating BMI, insurance type, and anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR) outcomes

Vijay Modi - Potential impacts of sea level rise on natural infrastructure on Aberdeen Proving Ground

Christian Murphy - Impact of infographics on scientific understanding based on artistic elements

Ezekiel Nohr - Development of a prediction and tracking algorithm for satellite laser ranging

Kieran O'Connor - Designing a virtual pool shot probability calculator

Dominick Paolercio - Engineering a system to monitor plants using a web application and Raspberry Pi 3 apparatus

Abhay Patel - Developing and testing the performance of neural networks using biased training data

Liam Pettus - Estimating ground reaction forces from accelerations during prolonged load carriage

Amy Pham - Engaging machine learning and Python libraries to create an algorithm for blood pressure analysis

Makayla Reed - Monitoring nest box success of the Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis)

Julianna Reese - Developing a browser-based warehouse control system

Jillian Richardson - Comparing the kinetic parameters of MMB-4 driven reactivation of recombinant AChE after inhibition by GF

Noah Roberts - Optimizing the recovery of alkyl-methlyphosphonic acids in guinea pig plasma using liquid-liquid extraction

Alyssa Russo - The effect of nerve agent type and developmental age on the development of seizure activity

Macallan Sansbury - Classification of gamma spectra through k-means clustering

Evan Scarborough - Simulating "precognition" with pseudo-random number generators and neural networks

Joseph Shedleski - Developing new code for the Targeting Task Performance Metric

Teresa Sroczynski - Developing an external temperature sensor verification device for the BD MAX

Gwyneth Steel - Developing an interactive device for primary education of circuits, energy, and waves

Caleb Sudbrink - Evaluating the effects of a flight simulator on the flight patterns of the painted lady butterfly, Vanessa cardui

Kyle Truong - Developing an application for simulating UAV swarms

Mathew Varghese - Internal degradation of concrete with the addition of various substances

Jessie Young - Utilizing iNOS as an indicator of neuroinflammation in wild-type and knockout mice 24 hours after GD exposure