Celebrating our Students (Current and Past)

Class of 2018 SMA Graduate Sean Wirt is a published author!

Check out his work online in Communications Biology here

Communications Biology is an open access journal from Nature Portfolio publishing high-quality research, reviews and commentary in all areas of the biological sciences. Research papers published by the journal represent significant advances bringing new biological insight to a specialized area of research.

Judah and Jonathan (11th grade end of year Physics project) recreated the theme to Star Wars using a tuning fork, rulers, a pendulum hitting a drum,  a corrugated pipe, a textbook and a slide whistle. Check out their hit "Music but Physics..."!

Gabrielle Moore-Brooks (9th Grade), Charlotte Perera and Irene Chung (10th Grade), and Carlo Andanar, Laila Shakoor, Teja Kausik, Radha Kausik, and Jasminder Kohli (12th grade) all participated in the 2023 Maryland YMCA Youth and Government conference. Students debated bills and passed legislation with other Maryland high schoolers from around the state in the actual State Capitol in Annapolis! Our own students were even statewide leaders, with Laila being the Public Defender for the Courts program, and Carlo being elected Secretary of State.

Award Winners

The SMA has a Finalist for the National Merit® Scholarship program 2023. 
Congratulations to SMA Senior: Erica Honadel!

Award Winner

Congratulations to Donovan Peyton - Al Cesky 2022 overall winner! This prestigious award is given to a student who has demonstrated academic and athletic excellence, leadership, and community service.

Award Winner

Congratulations to Alex Ridolfi - Mike Franklin Student Computing Award 2023 nominee from the William J. Sacco Critical Thinking Foundation.

Award Winner

Congratulations to Granger Maher  - Excellence in Mathematics William J. Sacco Critical Thinking Foundation 2023 nominee.

Award Winner 

Congratulations to Brianna Rosado, our SMA AAUW nominee.


Hanna Armstrong, SMA Class of 2020, is continuing her Senior Capstone Project work at the University of Delaware. Read all about it here.

Computer Science Completion

Congratulations to Erica Honadel, Granger Maher, Alex Ridolfi, and Carlo Andanar for their top half finish in the 2023 UMD Computer Science Competition. This team was the only group from HCPS and competed against 29 other schools from throughout the state.