2020 Posters

Class of 2020 Capstone Posters

The last two months of student work were impacted by the COIVD-19 pandemic. To accommodate for this disruption students were able to complete a traditional poster or create a recorded presentation.

Addy, Kyle - Developing software to analyze metadata from the Twitter API to identify trends

Armstrong, Hanna - Measuring ground reaction forces with shoe insole sensors

Bearinger, Max - The effects of aerosolized opioids on the hearts of ferrets

Bergeron, Cade - Protein regulators of endoplasmic reticulum exodosis: TALK1

Blanken, Nathan - Impact of South Georgia Island on southern Atlantic Ocean surface wind patterns: wind shadows and corner accelerations

Capalongo, Dillon - Developing a logic unit to command a system that corrects air traffic communication errors

Cardella, Gabriel - Creating a predictive model for G-force experienced by a fighter pilot in combat

Carey, Thomas - Antibiotic use in companion animals at Veterinary treatment facilities

Chiu, Russell - Modifying eleModification of electronic timbre using the Fourier transform

Coogan, Zachary - Assessing the need for short- and long-term hearing protection training

Cook, Emma - Using EEG power analysis to detect nerve agent-induced seizure recurrence after treatment with ketamine or Propofol

Davis, Caraline - The effectiveness of antiviral drugs against HSV and their interactions with human liver and kidney S9

Davis, Connor - Optimization of hydrogen embrittlement effects in high strength steels

Davis, William - Replicating the Instron 3340 using a Vernier Structures and Materials Tester

Demos, Evan - Mechanically engineering a custom thermal cycler

Dimick, Nathaniel - Testing the electrical performance of different concentrations of Agarose gel

Dunning, Ryan - Developing a computer interface for a custom thermocycler

Eilman, Nathaniel - Detonation analysis using neural networks

Foy, Katherine - Mapping urban tree canopies over impervious surfaces in Bel Air

Hobbs, Cameron - Using robotic process automation (RPA) to create intelligent tools

Hong, Suhwan - Development of a control system for a PCR thermocycler

Jones, Ian - Characterization of hardness, residual stresses, and porosity of boron carbide/silicon carbide laminates

Khoshkhoo, Dan - Improving fluid detection accuracy on the BD Max with machine learning

Knap, Sophia - Writing code in C to process and visualize deformation gradients

Kraczek, Jared - Predicting nitrate and arsenic in Maryland drinking water

Lee, Hannah - Developing an assay to explore the relationship between enzyme and reactivator during reactivation

Lein, Samantha - Analyzing the finger tracking accuracy of distance and motion sensors

Linz, Emily - Stereotaxic atlas of the nerve agent exposed rat brain

Menon, Amol - Using machine learning to detect rare events in molecular dynamics simulations

Nasir, Salman - Utilizing machine learning to solve the equivalent mutant problem

Obilo, Faith - Creating a mindfulness intervention for women taking methadone to prevent relapse

Oguh, David - Engineering a novel method for detecting SQL injections through string type analysis

Pappas, Christopher - Analyzing transit data to determine the habitability of exoplanets

Pappas, Nicholas - Developing and testing a software capable of retrieving avionics software version information on various military aircrafts

Rosado, Sebastian - Establishing a relationship between nerve agent-induced seizures and body temperature

Rosser, Mark - Feasibility of using indigenous materials as fillers for 3D printing media

Siedlecki, Adam - Optical detection of defective conveyor belt rollers

Simoni, Matthew - Human influence affecting machine learning through navigation

Solomon, Benjamin - Delineating floodplains of rivers in Maryland using HEC-RAS one-dimensional analysis

Trexler, Alex - Developing a self-sealing shear force suction cup for climbing robots

Wheeler, Jacob - Altering the surface chemistry of carbon fibers through electrochemistry

Williford, Kyle - Researching the benefits of containerized software

Zbozny, Joshua - Creating a machine learning algorithm to detect clickbait articles

Zimmerman, Emma - Using MATLAB to create a desktop program that analyzes squat form