2021 Posters

Class of 2021 Capstone Posters 

Angelo, Julius- Building a framework for remote development environments using Docker container technology 

Baker, Garrett - Computer analysis of truss structures

Bawiec, Andrew -  Predictive habitat modeling of endangered and at-risk species on Aberdeen Proving Ground 

Benchaaboun, Adnan - Finding security vulnerabilities in an IoT device 

Bryant, Amanda -  Comparing effects of mindfulness interventions on stress levels of adolescents virtually vs face-to-face

Buler, Jacob - Observing the correlation between task performance and event-related desynchronization 

Cannito, Sebastian - Effect of supportive care on the cardio-respiratory system of rats exposed to nerve agent 

Carmany, Elizabeth - Creation of R package for easier visualization and analyzation of metabolomics data  

Cerasoli, Maxwell - Assessing the viability of transfer learning for code vulnerability detecting networks 

Chen, David - Analyzing an efficient solar power system 

Chen, Peilin - Stream mitigation site assessments in Harford County

Chudasama, Gopika - Artificial intelligence graphics processing in support of toxicology/histology studies

Chung, Daniel - Specificity effects in liquid metal attack of aluminum alloys

Clayton, William - Creation of an automatic coil winder for extraterrestrial manufacturing

Dinh, Jonathan - Assessing the effectiveness of Naloxone as a treatment for Carfentanil exposure in ferrets

Dixon, Zachary - Examining differences of ubiquitination on KDEL receptor isoform expression

Dorsey, Kirsten - Developing an assessment tool for beaver restoration sites in Harford County

Doyle, Elijah - Networking and data storage for a remote greenhouse system

Drumgoole, Cole - Evaluating the effect of species on the importance of enzyme-reactivator ratio

Dunca, Eugen - Creating a capture the flag (CTF) game to teach cybersecurity basics

Erhardt, Austin - The genetic frequency of the allergy inducing Can F1 gene in saliva among dog breeds

Frist, Ryan - Developing and testing a multi-use alternative livestock drinker

Hall, Dominic - Optimization of a Facebook advertisement for self-directed learning tools

Hoang, Nathan - Effect of windspeed and particle size on aerosol suspension time

Kiedrowski, Zachary - Automated greenhouse microclimate management system using compost

Klepsig, Mackenzie - Therapeutic recovery of nerve agent-induced status epilepticus in rats determined with behavioral testing

Langbein, Brian - A physical analysis of additive manufacturing versus injection molding for the production of plastic parts

Leach, Ian - Recruiting online learners through Facebook advertising to test a self-directed learning tool

Matthews, James - Heating a hot-water appliance by composting

Melvin, Aidan - Developing an application to covertly transmit data within a VoIP session

Morrill, Ian - Developing an interaction-based web bot detection system

Ngo, Andrew - Modelling 5G signals in small unmanned aircraft systems to determine their viability for Army use

Nguyen, Stephen - Creating an application that generates MySQL / MariaDB data for testing purposes 

Pandya, Shraddha - The ability of the reactivators MINA and SwRI-80 to reduce toxic signs following nerve agent exposure in mice 

Patel, Aastha - Analysis of glyphosate and AMPA in soil and grass using derivatization and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry

Paul, Matthew - Developing an automated auto-doser and irrigation machine for a hydroponic system

Perdue, Russell - Electrochemical corrosion properties of Mg-Li-Nd alloys 

Pillalamarri, Khiyali - The Littlewood-Offord problem in R2 and Rd

Richman, Kyle - Comparing the effectivity of HCI commandments

Ridolfi, Peter - Developing an Android application for monitoring and controlling a greenhouse environment 

Schultz, Frederick - Teaching a neural network to play Minesweeper

Smith, Kyle - Developing a passive network monitor to detect malicious network traffic

Soughou, Ryan - Creating a multi-effect distillation system utilizing renewable energy

Vasani, Rajesh - Development of a qPCR-based assay for the detection of Escherichia coli