2022 Posters

Class of 2022 Capstone Posters 

Allie Berger - Analysis of dolphin sightings along the Delaware coast

Natalie Brooks - Evaluating the effectiveness of thermally controlled waterers

Nathaniel Caughron - Mechanically passive feet to improve robot acceleration

Mathew Chan - Finding trends to predict annual vehicle ownership in Maryland

Emma Chaney - Effect of milrinone on cAMP and cGMP with phosphine inhalation exposure

Aarnav Devulapalli - Concept design in a thin and protective phone case

Ethan di Targiani - Increasing the hit to cost ratio of defensive kinetic warheads using a PPO agent in Unity

Kalel Duncan - The effect of cross section on liquid metal attack in the Al-Ga system 

Miriam Fountain - Designing a novel diagnostic assay using RT-qPCR to differentiate the SARS-CoV-2 Wuhan and omicron variants

Abi Guicheteau - The Money Game: A financial exploration using RFID technology

Jihwan Hong - Development of an educational Minecraft circuitry kit

Christian Ikejiofor - Behavioral analysis of rats treated with dexmedetomidine after exposure to nerve agent

Evan Kennedy - Evaluation of weather forecast accuracy

Wyatt Kipp - Changing the environment of microgreens to increase net primary productivity

Emma MacCrehan - Immunohistochemical evaluation of dexmedetomidine as an anticonvulsant in rats poisoned with nerve agent

Ry McClure - Examining effects of moisture exchange feedback in a bulk heat-flux model

Abigail Melick - Evaluating the effect of species on reactivation of OPNA-inhibited AChE by reactivator DG-1-054

Colin Moses - Evaluating the corrosion rate of commercially available magnesium alloys with germanium additions

Evan Nowaskey - Determining the efficacy of bacterial nanocellulose as a wound dressing using chitosan to improve its absorption

Swetha Pallerla - Development and validation of an LC-MS/MS assay for the quantification of atropine in KIKO mouse plasma

Nolan Parsons - Effects on sulfur mustard degradation when lighting conditions are changed

Alexander Pazoki - Assessing the effects of meclizine HCl on cardiac parameters following 1080 intoxication

Donovan Peyton - Effect of different tiles on particle coverage in wind tunnel

Eliana Peyton - Modeling the in-utero effects of acute organophosphate exposure and subsequent treatment in KIKO mice

Rebecca Pomerat - Hippocampal changes following traumatic brain injury or exposure to the nerve agent soman in KIKO mice

Baydon Pusey - Characterization of effluent waste from a local microbrewery

Iniyaal Raguraj - Modeling brain cortex dynamics using Monterey Phoenix

Grace Raweltt - Endoplasmic reticulum morphology and lipid-droplet counts under exodosis conditions

Jonathan Rosado - Developing an audio-filtering program using deep learning

Joshua Rosado - Development of an educational Minecraft circuitry kit expansion pack

Satya Shah - Building machine learning models to estimate vehicle prices

Isabella Soriano - Fabricating a flexible, force-adaptive, EMG-controlled, upper-limb prosthetic

Steven Sparks - Size limit testing stereolithography printed channels for microfluidic devices

Josie Vasilas - Supplementing chicken diets with wheat and triticale microgreens to improve the quality of eggs produced

John Vo - Analysis of Blizzard StarCraft II's artificial intelligence on resource allocation

Melodie Wang - Music rhythm game development and usability testing

Paige Wirt - Applying deep learning classification techniques to discern source code vulnerabilities