2023 Posters

Class of 2023 Capstone Posters

Jonathan Alexis - Furthering the accessibility of astronomical data through sonification

Carlo Andanar - Designing and developing a virtual reality simulation intended to induce a stressful reaction using Half-Life: Alyx

Nina Armstrong - Design of a passive upper-limb exoskeleton and its effects on muscle activity

Carter Bearinger - Using a microcontroller to control water delivery in a farm setting

Izabella Dabrasky - Optimizing temperature and humidity of an engineered, semi-automated black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) farm

Edward Denton - Theory of Mind (ToM) and Inverse Reinforcement Learning (IRL)

Livia Earl - Securely modifying adaptive bitrate streaming to hide information

Judah Finley - Environmental and material influences on liquid metal attacks targeting aluminum alloys

Nathaniel Flatau - Optimizing the speed and grip of a robotic goat foot using 3D-printed parts

Brieanna Gower - Evaluating the therapeutic effects of midazolam on planaria exposed to convulsant chemicals

William Hart - A 3D-printed robot gripper for object-throwing

Erica Honadel - Developing a multiplayer game-based language learning application

Presley Hutson - Effects of various winter diets on chicken egg quality

Abigail Ikeler - Determining reactivation differences between DG-1-054 and DG-3-008 in African Green Monkey AChE

Radha Kausik - Detecting explosive samples on colored substrates with Raman Spectroscopy

Teja Kausik - Effects of capping agent on the size and photophysical properties of gold nanoparticles (GNPs)

Zoya Keck - Designing a qPCR-based assay to detect Salmonella species in various sample types

Jasminder Kohli - Analysis of the capability of EEG technology to distinguish between stressful and non-stressful situations and its sensitivity over time

Sydney Kuck - Comparing the efficiencies of qPCR and ddPCR using SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid primers and probes

Somiron Kundu - Programming a multiplayer mobile game to teach literacy in English

Lars Lefkowitz - Characterizing the chemically powered motion of Ag/UiO-66/SiO2 micromotors

Granger Maher - Optimizing a rocket bell nozzle diverging region for three combustion gas gammas

Luke McGovern - Evaluating a machine learning approach to molecular representation

Lia Melvin - Effects of load carriage position on student posture

Nola Melvin - Designing an exoskeleton hand to improve grip strength

Savanna Murdock - Effect of organophosphate chemical exposure on REM sleep

Elizabeth Muriithi - Analyzing neuronal necrosis to Sprague-Dawley rats exposed to chemicals of interest

Phillip Newcomer - Optimizing plasma arc cutting parameters for minimal dross production in Hypertherm Duramax® consumables

Alexander Nguyen - Modeling behavior of units in combat with Monterey Phoenix

Brita Onomake - Designing resin ceramic composites for use in temporary dental implants

Ayushi Patel - Evaluating the efficacy of hydrogels as a surface sampling method for porous surfaces

Riya Patel - Evaluating the effects of milrinone on the heart, liver, and kidneys of phosphine-exposed rats

Jason Perndreca - Developing turn signal and vehicle detection systems for bicycles

Barbara Podgorska -A Bayesian network for predicting sewer blockages at a large utility in the southeast

Lucus Podowski - Cost comparison between organic store-bought chickens and free grazed chickens with a chicken tractor system

Michael Pomales - Developing an autonomous driving system for an existing zero-turn lawn mower​

Alex Ridolfi - Examining how aided target recognition (AiTR) with varying reliabilities affects visual search performance

Jothika Saravanarajan - Analyzing physiological data in order to accurately measure stress in virtual reality

Laila Shakoor - Building machine learning models to predict solar power generation based on location

Nevaeh Sisco - Effect of various athletic taping techniques on pronation

Alexander Sohn - Using virtual modeling to improve the acoustics of a classroom

Connor Sullivan - Development of a remotely controlled video chat device that replicates the tilt of the phone

Anella Tabafunda - Quantification of midazolam in KIKO mouse plasma by a novel and validated LC-MS/MS method

Maggie Wang - Comparing volumetric accuracy between two hand-held 3D laser scanners