2024 Posters

Class of 2024 Capstone Posters

Rami Abdurahman - Evaluating the effectiveness of thermoelectric air conditioners for cooling marine corps missile canisters

Tolulope Adegbilero - Creating and testing a free Python learning platform with research-backed tools and personalized feedback

Chelsea Amoah - Evaluating chlorella-based dietary supplements to determine contamination of microcystin-LR

Stephen Aquilina - Creating antichain codes of maximum size

Oshea Bright - Evaluating energy transference into shin guards using a pendulum apparatus

Ryan Canatella - Developing an algorithm to calculate similarity between Monterey Phoenix models

Eric Cheng - Movie recommender system using feature customization and hybrid filtering

Rishi Chudasama - Developing an IMU-based motion analysis device

Esther De Souza - Neurotoxic effects of chemicals of interest (COI) exposure on the central nervous system of rats

Reed Dimick - Comparing paper assay ticket fabrication methods

Jonathan Earnest - Detecting materials with a homemade RGB sensor

Charles Epple - Engineering a fox detection and notification system

Jacob Evans - Investigating a Co-V-Nb superalloy using Density Functional Theory

Aidan Fleischer - Using different flywheel configurations to increase the stability of a two‐wheeled robot

Jackson Foard - Sex differences in neural metabolic activity during​ morphine withdrawal in C57BL/6J mice

Abhiram Hedge - Designing an accessible version of a bowling machine for cricket

Ethan Hill - Creating a scratch-built RC airplane controlled by a custom Cessna 172 cockpit simulator

Roman Hiskias - Comparing the swab and Mano sampling methods in the detection of respiratory viruses on nonporous surfaces

Annie Huettel - Comparative analysis of rugby head guards for mitigating impacts to the head 

Brody Ivy - Evaluating the feasibility of designing and financing an affordable housing development

Kameron Jones - Predicting how physiologic events affect blood glucose and developing an anti-seizure intradermal device

Henry Kassebaum - The effect of sparkle highlighting on visual search time and accuracy

Tyler Kenney - Developing an emergency audio response system

Jocelyn Kruger - Volumetric dependence of gallium on the liquid metal embrittlement of aluminum

Madison Lawson - Applying steganographic techniques in SMPP

Laura Matthews - Evaluating the effectiveness of permaculture swales at reducing soil erosion

Kerwin Miller - Developing the PSAB: An algorithm to predict individual player statistics in baseball

Lauren Miranda - Developing and testing user success in learning Monterey Phoenix through game-based tutorial approaches

Delilah Moser - Determining the effectiveness of reflectivity in aiding Raman spectroscopy measurements

Daniel Olivacz - Effect of ambient and fluorescent illuminance on visual acuity in students

Abhinav Patel - Designing and constructing a remote controlled (RC) airplane with a laser tag system

Jaiden Rice - Designing a user-controlled electromyography-based hand exoskeleton

Briana Rosado - Designing a prompt-based ASL translation interface for retail settings

Nandani Sharma - Designing a qPCR-based assay to detect type A and B botulinum neurotoxin

Cameron Sledge - Evaluating the strength of lattice structures for design with additive manufacturing

Radhati Srisukwattananan - Topology optimization for compressively resistant and conductive carbon fiber composites

Jennafer Stevens - Modification and evaluation of polymers for use in a film-forming spray for detection of dermal chemical threats

Sophia Viquez - Comparative analysis of tree inventories at Harford County elementary schools

Emily Webber - Determining the long-term effects of sulfur mustard intoxication on the rat brain

Sarah Will - Determining the long-term effects of sulfur mustard intoxication on the rat brain

Logan Winne - Validation of a mass spectrometry method for the quantification of ethyl methylphosphonic acid (EMPA) in dried canine blood

Regina Woods - Engineering the FAST: A biofeedback device for improving piano articulation

Elyssa Xavier - Evaluating the feasibility of producing recycled 3D printing filament